Monday, December 15, 2008

petite models are print models

If you are wondering why you do not have an agent it might be because you are trying too hard to be sexy and not giving enough attention to "becoming a real model."

Petite models are not just meant to be internet models or glamour models, they can be print models.

A petite model can find modeling opportunities as a print model and she should start with a simple beauty shot and headshot. And a nice full body show, could be in a dress, sportswear, fitness gear, a bathingsuit. Get these three shots moving.

That's it!

Get your photos together that will actually benefit you. You have to be savvy about the photographs you take and also the people who you let photograph you.

Do you have your beauty shots? Headshots? If not...get on it!

If you want to model you can find print work, but you have to ask yourself, "are your photos working for you? Are they marketable? Are they going to work for a commercial print modeling agent?"

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