Thursday, December 18, 2008

Petite Modeling Do's and Don't

Here is some insight on the Do's and Don't of modeling if you are shorter than 5'8" and interested in the modeling business.

A commercial print modeling agency if very different than a fashion agency.

1. Do get a headshot, so many girls do not give enough attention to the headshot and beauty shot. If you are not a fashion model, then bring a focus to what you do have, do you have nice eyes, a nice friendly smile ( your teeth don't have to be perfect, but the smile has to look realistic.), do you have personality and energy? A commercial print modeling agency wants to see this and you should have a nice headshot. Can be color or black and white.

2. Only submit to Print modeling agencies, don't waste your time with fashion modeling agencies. If you are wondering why you don't have an agency it could be you have the wrong photos and you are submitting them to the wrong agencies.

3.It is ok to print a headshot and compcard but be selective about the photos and remember the more happy you look in the photo the better.

4. Other photos you need and a portfolio. Remember you need a headshot, beauty shot, energy shot that shows you doing something and your personality, and a full body shot, should be in a bathingsuit, dress, or fitness clothing and should NOT be too sexy. You will need to buy a modeling portfolio for modeling castings. Do not expect the agency to provide this, but you do not have to get the portfolio until you have representation, unless you want to.

5. Remember it might take a few times before an agency calls you back. Stay ambitious, if you want something you will make it happen and keep trying.


1. Don't think Glamour modeling and internet modeling is all you can do.

2. Don't settle for just calling yourself a model...really try to be one.

3. Don't pay for photos unless you really, really like the photographers work.

4. Don't go to a modeling school or modeling convention.

5. Don't rely on the internet and social sites to make you a model.

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