Monday, December 22, 2008

Petite Models and Nude Mistakes

A girl recently asked me about getting nude offers when it comes to modeling.

My first thought was..."she is talking about amatuer stuff because professional photographer's don't offer you nude opportunities, they are just too busy for that stuff/waste of time amatuer crap."

This was my answer to her:

.....the offers you get do not matter, what matters is what YOU choose to DO. Just because someone says, I will pay you a certain amount to come over and get naked, doesn't mean you should do it, and it doesn't mean it will lead you anywhere towards your modeling pursuits. I do not suggest a model poses nude unless it is for something SHE WANTS to do, and she is comfortable with it. It is a bad idea to pose nude for some random guy with a camera, and trust me...being a hot-chick--on -the -web, is not really modeling. It is just being a tease. I made my mistakes with that shit and it is a waste of time. Alot of girls who want attention whip off their clothing and say "i am a model," my question to them is: "What are you modeling??" A model models something. Not just her ass. Unless it is for an underwear catalog, or something, or for some skincare or lotion. Many short girls do not see that there is more for them than just being a show off tease on the web. They forget about commercial print modeling, ads, commercials, and the products they could work with if they pursued it. Today I still use my body to model, but not for a man...I do it for big ad campaigns.I do body part modeling and I do use my "parts" for ad campaigns and I recently worked with Easy Spirit shoes for their Spring ad campaign, and using your body can be for something legit, but YOU have to want that. You have to be able to market yourself, pursue the right commercial print modeling agencies and want more for yourself. There is more for a short girl than sexy stuff, a shorter girl CAN model with brands, but her photos need to target her in that direction. Playboy style modeling leads your pursuits to be limited. A girl that had a headshot, a smile shot, a more commercial print appeal will have a better chance working with modeling agencies. Despite her height. Getting the agency:The old fashion way of modeling is still the legit way. No matter what technology makes you assume. Modeling websites, social sites, are for amatuers, real modeling happens when you mail an agency your photos and they call you for a casting or meeting.You need a headshot ,compcard, and you have to mail it to the agents and casting directors, you have to research and hunt down the right agencies, and addresses. Barnes and Noble pick up a Ross Reports ($10) a little booklet that has names of casting directors and agencies in NYC. Also just google commercial print modeling agencies + your city. It might sound weird, but actually the LESS overly sexy and flaunting you are, the better for a shorter girl to get a chance in commercial print modeling. An agent that works with art directors, editors, ad agencies, doesn't want to see your Myspace or Model Mayhem page. It is corny and not respected in the real modeling business. Of course when I started I was niave and made some bad mistakes, but I overcame them by understanding that REAL modeling, really being a model, involves a product, an ad campaign, a brand, and a professional photographer. Many girls are so desperate to CALL themselves a model they forget what they have to DO to really get work as one. So, yes, of course I have met some jerks along the way, but it doesn't matter what people are offering comes down to YOU chasing what YOU want.-Isobella

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