Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Acting in Small Cities, Casting Directors, Agents

A girl recently asked me " How do you start acting in a small city like Detroit or Chicago area?"

My answer:When you live in a city that is not LA or NYC, there is still film and television and commercial work you can do.

Commercial work can mean commercial print work or commercials.

First, you must have a headshot. Without it you will not be taken seriously.

Second, you need to have a resume. If you have no experience you can list your skills, education, and any awards you have won or accomplishments, such as “top ten track runner at (your high school name)" or any clubs and organizations you are involved in for now. You want to do this to show that you are personable, you are an active person, and that you have personality.

Now here is some advice if you live in a smaller scale city. Cities like Detroit or Chicago and Philly are still markets you can get acting work in. Because these are small cities you can actually use it towards your advantage. In smaller cities models and actors tend not to be over crowding the population, which means if you hustle and work hard and show you are professional you could book some really nice work and pieces for your portfolio, acting reel, and resume.

Here is what you can do:

Google "the city name" + production companies
Google "the city name" + casting agent
Google "the city name" + casting agency
Google “the city name" + Talent agency
Google "the city name" + ad agencies
Google “the city name" + marketing companies or marketing

In smaller cities you might find success mailing also ad agencies, marketing companies and those who produce commercials and ad campaigns for small companies or local brands. You can mail your headshot to art directors, production companies, directors, and those on the creative end of production. The same with striving in any city, there will be work you have to do. It is also a good idea to write a short cover letter saying why you are contacting them and ask for them to consider you for future commercials, ads, etc. Leave your number and email. I would NOT direct them to your Myspace or modeling profile, it is not professional, especially if it shows images that can turn them off.

Always be skeptical, and go with your gut when meeting an agency and person who might offer you an opportunity. Yes there are many scams out there. But once you have your headshot, you should be mailing it out to the results of these searches.

You can go to print up like 30-50 headshots, test them out, mail them out, and see. If you do not hear back, try again, up date your headshot, try a different one, print again and keep trying.


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