Thursday, December 11, 2008

Modeling and Myspace as your Professional Outlet?

Just a heads up.

I would not use Myspace as your professional outlet. It is not professional. Honestly it is amatuer to do that. Real models, are not promoting themselves as a model on their Myspace. I don't even do that. I use it to talk about modeling not say "hire me to model". For my modeling pursuits I use my agents. And the internet has made it where any girl that can download her photo can call herself a model. But that is not modeling or being a model at all. I would not use Myspace to marketing yourself. You will not be taken seriously to agents and the real professional people in the business. 99.9% real photographers, agents, and casting people DO NOT cast and find talent on the web. It is too amatuer and the risk for them is that the girl is "just another wanna be" and not serious. If you want to seriously model and act, you need to understand that the web (google) can be and should be used as your marketing tool, but it should not be your professional outlet because you will not be taken seriously.

I would never say to my agent, "go to my Myspace page and see my photos." I mail them a compcard. Also once the agent started working with me I have emailed them my photos, jpegs which they show to their clients. But they do not tell their clients. Go to her Myspace account. It just isn't how it works.

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