Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Does height really matter for Acting jobs?

I received this question today on my Myspace:

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I think maybe I may not have what it takes to model as the taller girls, however I do have a question regarding acting. Does height really matter when you are going to auditions for acting jobs. Once again your response would be greatly appreciated.

My answer:
Height isn't such an issue with acting. You do need a headshot though. It is best to think of the roles you want to get and target your headshot in that style. Also doing background work is a good start to getting experience on set and you get paid for it. Not a high rate but 75 dollars a day, to work on a film set, and you can grow your resume and perhaps get bigger roles.

When it comes to modeling don't be totally discouraged I mean, if you can handle that you will not be a fashion model and that you will have to market yourself as a commercial print model you can still try. You will have to submit photos to commercial print modeling agencies, print modeling agencies and target yourself in a lifestyle manner, think target ads, mc Donald’s commercials, and more life style products, cell phone ads, etc.

Commercial print models are for advertising products that are meant for every day people to use. Conair hair ads, skincare, cooking, computers..

So your photos need to show your personality because personality, a good smile and energy is needed to represent the brand, and thinking of the product perspective is important...most lifestyle products want people to model them who have a girl next door or positive or happy look.

There is so much more out there than just high fashion but you have to understand how to market yourself properly to agencies. Watch commercials, and notice ads that are not so fashion like, you will notice, there is a lot of work out there, and models of all heights are working, but it is not for fashion.

For acting I would check out backstage and pick up a Ross Reports and mail your headshot to casting agents, and casting directors, casting agencies.


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