Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Preparing for Modeling Castings for The Body

As a model I go on castings for all types of things, from legs, to hands, to full body, to my smile, and eyes, to hair, and feet. Here is how I prepare for some of my modeling jobs depending on the body part:

1.Hands. I moisturize all the time, and use LUSH's lemony flutter on my hands and cuticles often; I also like St. Ives lotions as well. I do not use bold nail polish colors that could stain my nails. I keep my polish color always light, light pinks, cream color, or just clear.

2.Feet. I love giving my feet an at home foot treatment before a casting, I use St. Ives Apricot scrub on my feet often. **If you just ran out: I also think coffee grinds mixed with body wash can do a good job too.

3.Legs. I moisturize my legs and feet when I get out of the shower.

4.Hair. I try to keep my hair style simple, nothing too extreme these days; I want it to be able to be diverse, but not limiting. I do not have highlights, I have a solid hair color.

5.Eyes. Sometimes if I am tired I use Visine in my eyes if the casting is for eyes to keep them looking fresh. I usually do not clump on my mascara, I try to keep it looking natural and I curl my lashes for a better effect.

6.Bikini Line. If there is no time to clean up my bikini line for a last minute casting, I sometimes use a small amount of foundation on a cotton ball and dab it against my bikini line, or some powder, but it has to be a very small and light amount. Or you can use Sally Hanson’s airbrush spray.

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