Thursday, November 20, 2008

Modeling Advice and Modeling Agency Tips

If you are a shorter model, then do not waste time submitting to fashion agencies. Usually if you apply on the internet to a fashion modeling website, they will ask for your height, then some automated email will come to you stating "we only work with girls that are 5'9"." Put your efforts into more effective marketing. Focus on lifestyle and print modeling agencies. You will not find a petite modeling agency usually. But you will find a print one. Focus on using your personality and energy to create natural photos, photos that look like magazine editorials and ads, and mail them to agencies that are right for you. There are agencies and photographers out there that work with models of all heights. Being a shorter model means you do have to work hard, invest time and not settle. It is easy to be another a** on the internet but if you want to be more you really do have to be marketing savvy and smart about how you present yourself and where you market your photos to get good results.

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