Sunday, November 16, 2008

Internet Modeling Castings- scams and the good

Before you send your photo to an internet casting, especially on Craigslist, do email the person and ask more details.

Now there is nothing wrong with self promotion and I do beleive in it, but I only believe in it when it is done in a smart and careful way.

I just saw a job on Craigslist asking for models for a magazine shoot. But there is a problem.

No name of the magazine, no name of the photographer, no in depth details of the shoot and no statement of the type of modeling they are looking for, it just said, Models wanted, send headshots and portfolio, and then there was an email.

It wasn't a craigslist email, it was someone's email. So here are my thoughts:

Did you know you can also Google emails? Sometimes you might see a casting and there is an email of someone to send the photos to, well, Google that email. Can you figure out the name of the person. Well I would google: Jason Smith + photography, or magazine, or whatever the job might entitle.

Also some emails have companies at the end of them, such as,

Well Google the end part of that email, and see if the company is a real company, legit, and see if you can get a vibe from it, or find out...does a Jim even work there?

If you do want to reply to the internet casting then becareful and smart:
Then only send a headshot, do not flaunt your half naked, or lingerie or swimwear shots around carelessly. Becareful, ask questions, and don't be so desperate to be a model that you make a mistake or work with scams or bad unprofessional people.

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