Monday, November 3, 2008

Teen brands for modeling 18 and under

You know even though I am not a teen, I still fit into teen brands.
Paris Blues, L.E.I, Mudd, are some teen brands a model that is a teenager should look to for concepts on how to pose, and the photos they should show.

Just because you are not of fashion height doesn't mean you can't model. Recently a girl on Youtube asked me about teen modeling and modeling jobs that are out there for a teen girl. (this is not modeling for half naked websites.)

This was my answer:
You should look magazines such as
Marie Claire
Teen Vogue

Notice the ads and editorals. There is modeling out there for a girl who is 17 or 18 but it comes in the format of commercial print modeling. Think jeans, think handbags, think shoes, think brands like L.E.I, Roxy, MUDD, this Deb Stores.

I would even put on a prom dress and take some photos that look like catalog shots for dresses.

If you are shorter, under 5'7" I would submit them to print modeling agencies. NOT fashion agencies. For a short girl, Modeling schools are a waste and so are fashion agencies.

Also...where is the smile? Commercial print modeling agencies want to see smiles.

Focus on getting a smile shot, a nice headshot for one. Then focus on shots that show your energy, laughing, walking your dog, being You. Print modeling is modeling for a product, and for shorter girls this is not fashion most of the time, it is a product like a handbag, shoes, or accessory, cell phone, jewerly, Claire stores, computer, or even tampons, nail polish, JC Penny type models.

Notice the ads in the magazines I mentioned above and you will see the style of the ads.

When it comes to modeling, you have to focus on what it best for you, and consider the agencies that work with models of all heights. It might not be fashion or fashion magazines, it is best to be realistic with yourself. Then focus on the photos you need to market yourself to modeling agencies that work with models of all heights. For an example of this type of agencies to google:
FFT Models
Flaunt Models
R&L Models

To give you an idea of the models they like, their look and the photos you should focus on getting.

Paris Blue's above has even plus size for girls, and all sizes, which is great to see from a teen brand.

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