Thursday, November 13, 2008

Petite Models and Parts modeling - Get an Agency this way

Parts modeling is a great way for a petite model to get into the agency door. Where as she might not be able to get into the fashion divisions, parts modeling can be entrance to getting an agency interested.

Of agencies that I work with parts modeling did come into play. First for shoe modeling since the agency delt with alot of that, and then I used parts modeling as a way to get in the door at an agency I always wanted to get with submitting as a parts model and asking if they had a parts division. And I also work with an agency that only deals with parts modeling as well.

Parts modeling can give a model experience using what she has, feet, hands ,legs, ect, no matter her height,- yes even though I am petite I have leg modeled- working with top brands and getting tearsheets, and experience, and a good paycheck too!

If you do not have an agent or are struggling perhaps you should look into parts modeling. Modeling for shoes, jewerly, fitness, using your legs, hands, feet and legs to get into the modeling agency door.

Of course you do need photos of your parts in a commercial way, so to get inspired notice ads and editorials that involve hands, feet, stomachs, ect. Nail care, sunglasses, hair care, cleaning products, jewerly, you see parts models all the time. Now try to make photos similar to what you see in these ads. Try to make your shots, like your commercial print photos, also sellable, looking like you know how to work with products ( see images above for ideas).

Agencies with parts divisions to look into in NYC:

Flaunt Models
Cunningham Escott
PARTS Models

Also casting directors cast for body doubles and parts models sometimes as well.

Parts models can be all ages and ethnicity as well.

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