Saturday, March 7, 2009

A mother's modeling questions: teen models

A mother reached out to me on Youtube about her 16 yr old daughter modeling and said her daughter would be good for face modeling and asked how she could get into it. This was my reply:

By Face modeling you mean print modeling, commercial print modeling, beauty modeling. Basically modeling in magazines and for products. The best thing to do is to take natural shots of your daughter, you could take them yourself on your digital camera, depending on her age you could send them to print modeling agencies in your city/town. Here are also some ideas for your daughters self promotion in mind. Do not pay an agency for photos. YOU should have more control and make sure you like the work of the photographer and see the work before you ever pay anyways!

I would also notice if there are any local stores that sell dress for girls and go in and get a business card. Then call the store and ask about the marketing for the store and get the name of the person who does the marketing and then ask if you can mail, email or drop off some snap shots of your daughter. Many stores that sell prom dresses in smaller cities use local models for their advertising. Also a local school or college might use models for fashion shows and events. Try to do what you can locally. Mail agencies, look up some TV or production companies, ad agencies, art directors, try to get intouch with the people who hire the models/talent for local commericals and ads. Remember modeling is not just about being pretty and glamourous it is about selling a product so make sure you have photos of your daughter that involve smiles and shows her personality. Notice ads for shoes, accessories, sunglasses, handbags, cell phones, etc-commercial products. Not fashion.

Most people can't afford anything extra these days, I would not suggest paying major bucks at this point for photos or anything.but I would test out what you can do with your own camera to start. Or call local agencies asking if they can refer to you a photographer but YOU should make the choices if you can afford more professional photos. A nice headshot is a good way to start, a smile shot, and for beauty and face shots make sure there is not heavy makeup. Look at ads like Aveeno to get inspired

I also suggest looking in magazines that relate to your daughters age, notice commercials and the print ads. Notice the products the models model that are her age. Haircare, skincare, shoes, accessories.

Mailing photos and trying is the most important thing, it is ALOT of work, and research!

Another thing is making sure your daughter understands that modeling is not all just fashion and that unless she is fashion height she should not pursue that or waste time fooling herself. Models of any height face challenges and for a shorter girl it comes down to using your personality to get print modeling jobs and opportunities with commercial print modeling and talent agencies.

Modeling is about modeling something so also remind her that modeling is not showing off, flaunting photos on the web, or posing like a diva, modeling happens when you actually something 'something'. The main thing is to mail photos of her face, smiling and also still like a close up for a beauty ad, she could be looking away or smiling right to the camera sweetly. Then to print the photos and mail the print photos to print/talent agencies.

I hope this helps,

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