Monday, March 2, 2009

Are your modeling dreams stuck on the web?

With so many girls wanting to be model the internet can make it look pretty easy, just download a picture, apply to an online electronic casting call and get booked your first job. But much that is out there on the internet is seriously crap.

Having real talent prevails. And it takes more than just a photo to be a model or actres. Yet the internet model sites and casting sites might promote different it is hardly reliable to think just having a photo will make you discovered.

Here are some things to consider before you kid yourself:

1. Before you accept or submit to a random gig from the web ask yourself "how will this job lead me to the other jobs I want to get?" If you can not show this work to anyone, or will be embaressed or worried about how the job will make you look then do not do it. If you can not use the piece to move you forward then do not do it.

2. You will have to sooner or later meet a person in person so having hardcopies of your headshot and compcard is very important for the audition. Don't think you can manage without these tools.

3. Do not think you can model or act until you have booked a job. Do not think you are pretty enough or talented enough to just be discovered on the web. This very, very rarely happens. It is unrealistic to think paying to put your photo on a website to be seen by casting directors will really get you somewhere because real casting directors are way toooo busy to be scouting the web for talent.

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