Thursday, March 26, 2009

Cheap photography tips for models

As you might have noticed I use this blog often to share my replies to girls who ask me questions.

A girl recently ask me how to find the cheapest photography for a compcard, this was part of my reply:

I suggest visiting a photography school or a local college where students are learning, you could be a model for the class and get some headshots done for free.

You could also research headshot photographers in your town.

Sometimes wedding photographers shoot commercial work and headshots as well so be prepared to negotiate a rate you can afford. No matter what you want to work with a professional, someone who knows the craft of photography. That is the best.

A way to save money is to focus on getting the photos that you NEED for a compcard, not just a whole portfolio. Some photographers charge ALOT for a whole portfolio of images but you can save money by just getting what you need. You really only need like two looks and you need a couple close up shots and a couple other shots that involve you in action doing something, laughing, walking down the street, being you, holding a handbag, smiling, walking a dog, putting on makeup. Looking like an ad for something. For a shorter girl commercial print modeling is the best way to go about modeling, for pint modeling you need SMILE shots, energy shots, shots that show your personality because these types of models are needed to model lifestyle products for ads and commercials. So think of the products and ads you realistically think you CAN model and share your ideas with the photographer. A nice headshot, facial shot can be the best shot a model can have. It is best to observe ads that involve headshots, closeups, to get inspired.

And be honest about your budget, if you only have $50 or $100 try to get the most you can out of it that will help you. It is about getting shots that WILL help you, shots an print agency wants to see, so study print agencies, study ads, and focus on getting the shots you need...Just a headshot would be a good start and another couple shots that shows your full body smiling.

1. Know what photos you need. You do not need a whole portfolio. You just need a nice headshot smiling and a full body shot smiling, you could be in a dress for this, or fitness clothing or jeans and tank top.

2. When looking at the photographers work ask yourself, "is this person credible, does this person know the craft of photography or just how to hold a camera? Focus also on lighting and clarity of the shots. Compare the work of the photographer to the photos on the modeling agency's website of models that you want to work with.

3. When meeting the photographer. Explain what YOU need don't just listen and be treated like a rag doll told what you need. Before you even meet the photographer you need to have a clue to what you need. When you meet a photographer meet in a public place or bring a friend. Ask to see samples of the photographers work, their portfolio. You can also bring samples of the type of photos you are looking to out samples from your homework and be prepared to KNOW what you need. Save money and time.

I recently wrote a post on finding a photographer- it is based on hand modeling but the insight can be helpful towards your own pursuits as well.

For printing I use but here also is insight on printing a compcard:

Over-all you should be prepared for a lot of work. Modeling is about what you make of it, the research you do, the trying you put in, the mailing to agencies, re-mailing, trying again and again and being active within your own self promotion.

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