Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Modeling Jobs Short Girls Can Do

Enjoy this segment on my Model Talk Radio show based on modeling jobs a shorter girl can do Weds at 11am, the show will be archived:

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

The Letter to Mail Modeling Agency tips

A girl on Facebook recently sent me a message that said:

Hi Isobella,

Question for you - you've talked about physically mailing comp cards... and I'm going to do that, but I'm not sure what my letter should include.

Can you offer me any insight?

Thanks so much,

My reply:

Your letter to the agency should include not just your modeling interests but also stress you as a person. The reason is that print modeling agencies want to see that you are more of a person and less of a diva fashionista girl. They want to see that you have personality which can be brought to a modeling job modeling a product. So you want to let the agency know you can offer more than just a pretty face. Stress the activities you are also involved in, are you a student, did you run track, have you won any awards? Stress basically who you are beyond modeling, as well as saying, " I would like to use my creative energy and bring it to print modeling, enclosed is my current compcard and I am focusing on getting more photos that bring out my personality as well. I hope to speak to you soon about modeling opportunities within the area of print...and commercials. etc."

Also if you have done a credible modeling job, such as modeled for a jewelry company, modeled for an aspiring brand, a tradeshow, was in a hairshow, or done a modeling job that could show that you have experience that is respected, - don't say you were on the cover of a Weed magazine- you want to show that you have done commercial print related work,-if you have.

The letter should not be something you spend hours working on, it should be actually shorter than this reply. Your photos are what matter, not your writing skills but you want to express that you have personality and that you would be great to work as a print model.

Keep in mind right now is not a busy time for modeling agencies, and this could delay their responce, but to keep trying.

I hope this helps,


Monday, February 23, 2009

Modeling internationally for petites

A girl on Facebook asked me: it easier to get work in this country or outside? How is petite modeling going internationally? This was my reply:

Currently I am thinking of international work but only because I have a book deal with a UK publisher and I have gotten exposure in magazines and newspapers on my work and self in Sweden, Italy, Germany, and Australia.

However I am not planning this on a whim and I have alot of experience and I am not a new model.

I think there can be opportunities in other markets but regardless it is a tough thing to model no matter where you are living.

I think a girl that wants to model should get experience first no matter what in her own country, before thinking of up and moving. It is alot of work to move to another country and just moving and having one agency working with you isn't enough to promose an imcome, a roof over your head and consistant work.

Also there are many scams, and you could be told of an interest in another country but turn out to a mail-order-bride or something or worse!

It would be better to focus on getting an agency in the US and working hard and improving your portfolio and growing as a model and then get a bigger agency that is internationally known agency -here in the US-to work with you and stress your interest in other markets. But again, this is something that takes time and doesn't happen over night usually for a girl who is also shorter.

However if you have a compcard made you could mail it to modeling agency in another country, such as Japan perhaps if you are short, but honestly without experience you wlll have a tougher time. I only would suggest this for a girl who is also a student who is studying in another country who might want to try modeling while she is there.

Tyically and usually a girl working with Ford or Elite is more likely to be sent to work in other countries with other modeling agencies.

For a shorter girl, a girl without as much experience, I would only suggest you think of moving after having some experience in your own country. Or if you were a student studying abroad you could look into agencies in that country, but up and leaving and moving to a different country is not only dangerous but modeling is a lonely pursuit, and a hard one, and even if an agency is interested in working with you,- that alone is not enough of a reason to have to know what the country is like, visas, and having a place to live, and just like working in the US as an aspiring model, you need confidence, and the smarts to market yourself. Many models that travel the world are fashion models, have agents working with them and they do not have to think about getting their own work, but a shorter girl, would have to. It is unlikely that an agency would like your photo and fly to to their country and set you up with everything and Tadaaa... it is very unusual for a new model to get that. Also I think it is unsafe to just go on a whim without knowing anything about modeling, the business and not having someone to watch your back. Trying to do it on your own, without experience is a big risk.

SUre, you could mail your compcard to an agency in another country, but I would NEVER just up and leave to move to another country or state without knowing more details about the lifestlye and the way the modeling business works...

Working in another market/country could be something to pursue, but not for a new model, not for a shorter model-without experience.

A girl can find modeling opportunities in print right here in the US, but she has to be willing to really work hard, and to be honest my own experiences have been very, very rare. Not many short girls model with brands at all. Many girls move to NYC with dreams to be models, and many of them become bartenders. It is a tough pursuit, it is not easy and never think it is. Just booking a couple jobs and working with an agency in NYC or any country or state doesn't mean you will ALWAYS book work, especially now, it is tough for everyone, it takes time to get paid, and modeling for a shorter girl is not about someone watching your back, it is more about you watching you and pursuing for you and really working hard to be professional and get intouch with the right agencies and really know how to market yourself, it is not something a girl should take lightly, it is a real task. - isobella

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Model for Bride Magazines

It does help to get an agency and the work you want in the bridal industry if you have a photo of yourself in a dress.

However there is some self promotion you can do/ try:

Mail photos to photo editors at Bridal magazines.
Read bridal magazines and find out who is shooting the editorials in the magazines, before the editorial you can see the photographes name. Google them and see if you can get a test shoot.
Reach hairstylists and jewelry designers who design for the bridal customer and see if they need a model. Might be able to get some test shots or experience.
Pitch an actual wedding photographer and try to get some test shots.

Focus on getting a smile and energy shots, photos that show your personality. You do not want to get too stuck in the fashion sector that you miss out on opportunities so although you are tall you also want to show your personality in photos and also not make your photos TOO fashiony, more natural is best.

Many girls think posting their photos on websites like Myspace or Facebook is enough to call themselves models, it is isn't. Do not market yourself with your Myspace account, it is better to market yourself with a print photo, or make a compcard at or send a jpeg, not Myspace!


Monday, February 9, 2009

Modeling in another state or country Model tips

Here is some insight when it comes to modeling self promotion, contacting agencies in different states and counties and how to self promote right in your home-town.

Friday, February 6, 2009

Do Print Models Travel?

A model asked me about moving to NYC from Texas and if she should do it, and if models travel to work with agencies. This is my reply:

To be honest commercial print models do not travel much. You do not jet to Paris for a print job, usually when you book work you are working locally. For example if you live in NYC, you get sent on castings in the NYC area, not LA or anywhere else.
You work in the city you live typically and since many modeling castings and bookings are last minute you have to be available in that city like that second.

However for ad campaign that involves a beach or something not in your area,city, town, then you might be flown to a location for a day or two shoot.

For some modeling bookings you might be picked up in a car and then taken to a location in a nearby city, like if you live in NYC you might be driven to White Plains ( a near by city) for a job, or Long Island, or something.

Typically what is best is living in a market/ aka a city that is highly populated with magazine headquarters, brand headquarters and showrooms, is better because there are more modeling agencies for print.

In Houston there might not be a lot of agencies, but you can capture some modeling work by being aggressive with your own marketing, for example; attend events, approach aspiring designers, and new business owners in your city. Start Googling "jewelry + houston" handbags + houston" and try to find some aspiring brands you can work with.

Modeling is a growth, do not expect to be jet set and traveling the world as a print model. especially as a new one. So NO you should not move anywhere until you have experience. Even in NYC when you live near agencies and more brands and such it doesn't mean you will not be struggling. Modeling is tough no matter where you live. Just because an agency is interested doesn't mean you should move. Interested and booking enough work to pay your bills are two different things and usually girls come here with big dreams and end up bartending for their life, so right now, until you have some experience, tearsheets, and have something to move with that says you can model, along with a side interest that can pay your bills...don't move.

Don't get naive thinking you will move here and be a star, not to bust down anyones dreams but the reality is, shorter girsl, commercial print models DO work and there are opportunities in print for a petite girl, BUT she should not expect to be so super that in a matter of months she is rolling in dough and has enough to live on just because one print modeling agency thinks she has potential.

Right now it is slow, and many agencies even the big ones are not bringing many jobs.

I hope this helps. It is ok to keep your goals local, Google some oportunities in the Houston area, if you do move to a city with more advertisers and magazines then you to have something to SHOW, such as some experience.

strive to be who you want to be,


Contacting a Modeling Agency Tips

I get questions all the time and I answer as many as possible.

This one involves how to contact an agency after you get a reply but do not hear from them again...I have left their name anonymous for privacy.


Hi Isobella, I recently let you know that I sent my headshot(my main pic on Facebook) to an Agency in December and called them in early January and the person I spoke to said they want to represent me and they will contact me at the end of the month. They have not contacted me as of yet. I understand that it is not that far after the end of January so I probably should not be worried. But when(or if) it is appropriate to contact them. Also,is there any other information I should know that would come accross unprofessional. Also. I have a question about sending a headshot. Do you always send a 8" x 11" or do you send postcards? Again, Thank for all your information and your advice has been indispensible.

My reply:

I would send them hard copy of your material of your headshot.

You could send it now, and include a short note and if you have the person's name you could write we recetly spoke and I wanted to mail you the hard copy of my material for film and (whatever your spoke about...refresh their mind.)

Don't say why you didn't get back to me, just send the material with a note, maybe mention a job you recently did, to show them you are busy and doing things.

If you do not know the person's name, you can just mail the agency address directly the headshot (8 by 10) is best, with the short note.

Remember at the end of the day you are your best agent, working with an agency, getting representation doesn't mean you are set, it just means you have a person,(agent), a marketing tool that can assist you with your pursuits. Your own hustling should not end.

I would always send a headshot, but if you only have postcards you can send them too. Usually you send the post card to get the interest, and then if you do get it, you then mail a full headhot 8 by 10.

Even with the fast pace technology world we live in, we still need to have our proper marketing materials printed headshot, compcard, etc handy.

I hope this helps,

isobella jade

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Model Talk Radio NYC Modeling Agencies

The most popular modeling question:

How do I find a modeling agency. What photos do I submit?

Isobella shares her top ten modeling agencies for shorter models and how a model of any height can approach them and find opportunities by marketing herself the right way, on Model Talk Radio.

These are my top ten commercial print modeling agencies in NYC. Listen to the segment on how to submit to them.

R&L Models

Gilla Roos

FFT Models


Parts Models

Rick Miller Agency

Flaunt Models

Abrams Artists Agency

Ugly new york modeling agency ( for models beautiful and unique)

Bella Agency

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Just Say No to Glamour Modeling

If you think Glamour modeling is going to lead you to the print modeling world think again.

Girls who pose and market themselves as Glamour models do not typically work for brands, or in ad campaigns. They mainly just look cute on the internet and guys look at them. Sadly many girls -especially shorter models- think this is the only type of modeling they can do.

The style of photography of Glamour modeling is not what a print modeling agency wants to see. Here is insight into what a print modeling agency does want to see:

If you want to model and you are petite remember that there is more for you than showing your curves just for a man's pleasure. While I do like fine art black and white nudes and photography, I do not care for Glamour models, and I think the pin up thing is really today the slutty thing. The thing escorts do, the thing that strippers do, the thing that people who do not really model anything do.

It might have worked in the 1960's. But not today. It is not respected by legit agencies. Infact it is considered trashy.

Many girls who call themselves "glamour models" just call themselves models, -but they do not model anything.

So just say no to glamour modeling espcially if you really want to pursue the print modeling world.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Modeling Photos- Finding a Photographer tips

If you are wondering if a photographer is legit and if their work is quality for your needs here are some tips.

A girl recently asked me if a certain photographer was legit and if she should work with them. this was my responce after the review.

I could only see two photos on the website, so in my mind they are fairly new or have not most likely shared enough photos with you to make a clear choice to whether they are legit. Also the two photos they show are not what a commercial print model would need. They are too fashionisitic. So if you are going to use the photos to submit to a commercial print modeling agency then this photographer is not showing you the photos you need. The photos you need should involve a clear headshot, a shot that looks like the girls on hair dye boxes at the drug store, -go to the store and look at the front of these hair care boxes,- this is the type of fresh clean face photo you need.

Also sometimes jewelry ads involve a simple clear face. I would also stop by these agencies websites and notice what the girls have as headshots.

These are commercial print modeling agencies in NYC, and if you want to model you need to know what photos you need and strive to produce them with the right photographer who understand what YOU need not just what THEY need.

You have to go to the photographer with a plan, with an idea, and make sure you get what you need otherwise you are just playing around with the word model and not really getting what you need that will help you.

So I would ask for the photographer to show you more Headshot samples. That DO NOT involve as much makeup.

Also I would Google the names of the photographers and make sure nothing bad comes up.

While more creative and artistic photos can be fun to make, they will not help you when it comes to where you can find opportunities working with commercial print agencies-since an agency doesn't want to see an artistic, fashion shot, they want to see you simply as you. So my advice is to make sure you get a sample of a few more headshots from this photographer. Make sure you mention the words commercial print. Or plan a meeting with them in a public place, a coffee shop or something, and when you do tell them what YOU need, not just listen to the fantastic creative shot THEY want to shoot, but really KNOW what you need so you can determine if this photographer has in mind your interests.

Again if you need more ideas on the headshot you need check out these agencies -which are PRINT modeling agencies in NYC and notice the headshots the models have on the website.

It is always better to See an example before you go blind into it- when it comes to getting the photos you need.


Monday, February 2, 2009

Sexy Model Photos but no real modeling jobs

A mother recently contacted me about her daughter, her daughter wants to model, she wants her daughter to do print work-it could help pay for her college maybe, but is concerned because is short and was leaning towards HOOTER, she wanted some advice:

Here are parts of my reply to her:

Many girls who are short feet there is nothing out there for them because of their lack of height, many of these girls tend to want to used their assets for more of a glamour modeling presentation and in my opinion I think it is the wrong way to go. Yet fashion is not all these is either. Modeling is more than Vogue and Playboy. My first advice is: She has to accept what she isn't and be realistic about what she is. Showing off, flaunting the body, being in men's magazines, is fine if that is what she want to do, but that is not modeling. Modeling is when you model something, work with a brand, or shoot an editorial in a magazine. Because advertising is targeted for the average person in America, models are ALL types, old, young, pregnant, babies, teens, young professionals and young adults. And modeling can mean modeling a computer, a shoe, even tampons, or cooking appliances. Models are not just tall, and naked.

To work as a model if you are short, really it comes down to your realistic marketing and the mentality of the girl.

The agents should not be a scary intimitating thing, is it about the aspiring model finding the RIGHT agency and accepting she might not ever be famous, on a billboard, but she can find opportunities if she works hard. Working hard is so important, many girls think "being hot or showing off your hot body is enough, it isn't.)... modeling is not just being attractive it is about working with brands and products. If your photos and resume only looks sexy then you will not be considered for beauty work, and product ad campaigns with brands (that is where the money is)....because all you are showing is that you have you nice body you are not showing you can in deed model something.

Here is a little modeling lesson. I am writing my third book right now so sorry if this email is all over. Her goals should be:

1. Get a good looking smiling headshot. (This shot will book her more work as a print model than any bikini shot) Commercial print modeling is what she shoudl pursue and this type of modeling is where a shorter girl can find opportunities using her personality to work with brands. This is a video on what commercial print modeling is, she should watch it:

2. Find a commercial print modeling agency, NOT fashion and send over photos that look like the photos I have attached. Modeling is not just about a girls body or face, actually that is a SMALL percent and it doesn't mean you will find success at all, what matters isA. what the client is looking for, if you watch commercials and look at print ads, not every girl is drop dead hot, and also the commercial print area of modeling is the largest from babies, or grandparents. Whether you take the photos or work with a professional photographer, the shots SHOULD NOT be all bikini and SHOULD show her modeling a product and the shots she uses to market herself SHOULD look like mock ads. So look at ads in Marie Claire Glamour, TeenVogue etc, and produce shots that involve a product, a hanbag, shoes, walking a dog, laughing, in a sweet black dress. And considering her age she could even put her Prom dress on again and take some lifestyle shots for a sweet look. I work with the top modeling agencies for commercial print in NYC, and I recently mailed one of them my new compcard and I asked one of them if beyond the card there was anything I could provide for their marketing needs and he wrote and said,"Actually, close up parts shots would be great. We've gotten calls for specific should have some of just your eyes, butt (not necessarily nude/boy shorts are fine), legs (w/wo heels on) and feet (all angles, top/side/bottom singles and pair shots) and yes definitely smiling shots."So remember SHE as the model for PRINT should expect to make her marketing material and I would NOT do it through the agency. I would make them herself, so she can market herself to many agencies. She should also visit the websites of commercial print modeling agencies such as and notice the compcard the girls have of her age group and how they are about personality. There is ALOT more to share about that but I suggest visiting my blog and this post about working with many agencies and NOT signing with an agency:

3. Market herself with snapshot mailings in the postal mail to these agences or make a compcard at If she does not know what commercial print is I would watch this video I made: When it comes to paying the bills:I suggest if she wants to get a job to pay the bill she should look for a part time job writing for a teen magazine, she could write an article, mail her photo in and get a tear sheet in a magazine and writing credit! Magazine like Teen Vogue, Seventeen, do look for writing, send photos and articles to the article editorial editors or photo editors. Actually I am also a writer, and I have three books coming out within the next 2 years! (very exciting! I have also written for Backstage, Media Bistro, Main Street, Discovery, and many others. I think she should use her other skills to pay the bills, trust me, I have worked with top brands from Victroria's Secret and Marshalls and Nine West Group and many more world wide but paychecks are not stable, you get paid about 6-8 weeks AFTER the job and it can take forever. You can have a great agency working with you but that doesn't mean you will be jetset and famous and set. It is a steady growth experience and modeling opportunities only happen if you are persistance, a hard worker and realistic.

If you do not market yourself in the right ways, and if glamour modeling is all she is leaning to then all you have in the end are a bunch of sexy photos but no real modeling jobs. You have to market yourself properly. And be realistic.

Learning about what modeling really is: Modeling is working with products, modeling something. So her mentality and goal should revolve around that.


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