Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Just Say No to Glamour Modeling

If you think Glamour modeling is going to lead you to the print modeling world think again.

Girls who pose and market themselves as Glamour models do not typically work for brands, or in ad campaigns. They mainly just look cute on the internet and guys look at them. Sadly many girls -especially shorter models- think this is the only type of modeling they can do.

The style of photography of Glamour modeling is not what a print modeling agency wants to see. Here is insight into what a print modeling agency does want to see:

If you want to model and you are petite remember that there is more for you than showing your curves just for a man's pleasure. While I do like fine art black and white nudes and photography, I do not care for Glamour models, and I think the pin up thing is really today the slutty thing. The thing escorts do, the thing that strippers do, the thing that people who do not really model anything do.

It might have worked in the 1960's. But not today. It is not respected by legit agencies. Infact it is considered trashy.

Many girls who call themselves "glamour models" just call themselves models, -but they do not model anything.

So just say no to glamour modeling espcially if you really want to pursue the print modeling world.

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