Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Modeling Photos- Finding a Photographer tips

If you are wondering if a photographer is legit and if their work is quality for your needs here are some tips.

A girl recently asked me if a certain photographer was legit and if she should work with them. this was my responce after the review.

I could only see two photos on the website, so in my mind they are fairly new or have not most likely shared enough photos with you to make a clear choice to whether they are legit. Also the two photos they show are not what a commercial print model would need. They are too fashionisitic. So if you are going to use the photos to submit to a commercial print modeling agency then this photographer is not showing you the photos you need. The photos you need should involve a clear headshot, a shot that looks like the girls on hair dye boxes at the drug store, -go to the store and look at the front of these hair care boxes,- this is the type of fresh clean face photo you need.

Also sometimes jewelry ads involve a simple clear face. I would also stop by these agencies websites and notice what the girls have as headshots.


These are commercial print modeling agencies in NYC, and if you want to model you need to know what photos you need and strive to produce them with the right photographer who understand what YOU need not just what THEY need.

You have to go to the photographer with a plan, with an idea, and make sure you get what you need otherwise you are just playing around with the word model and not really getting what you need that will help you.

So I would ask for the photographer to show you more Headshot samples. That DO NOT involve as much makeup.

Also I would Google the names of the photographers and make sure nothing bad comes up.

While more creative and artistic photos can be fun to make, they will not help you when it comes to where you can find opportunities working with commercial print agencies-since an agency doesn't want to see an artistic, fashion shot, they want to see you simply as you. So my advice is to make sure you get a sample of a few more headshots from this photographer. Make sure you mention the words commercial print. Or plan a meeting with them in a public place, a coffee shop or something, and when you do tell them what YOU need, not just listen to the fantastic creative shot THEY want to shoot, but really KNOW what you need so you can determine if this photographer has in mind your interests.

Again if you need more ideas on the headshot you need check out these agencies -which are PRINT modeling agencies in NYC and notice the headshots the models have on the website.


It is always better to See an example before you go blind into it- when it comes to getting the photos you need.


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