Friday, February 6, 2009

Contacting a Modeling Agency Tips

I get questions all the time and I answer as many as possible.

This one involves how to contact an agency after you get a reply but do not hear from them again...I have left their name anonymous for privacy.


Hi Isobella, I recently let you know that I sent my headshot(my main pic on Facebook) to an Agency in December and called them in early January and the person I spoke to said they want to represent me and they will contact me at the end of the month. They have not contacted me as of yet. I understand that it is not that far after the end of January so I probably should not be worried. But when(or if) it is appropriate to contact them. Also,is there any other information I should know that would come accross unprofessional. Also. I have a question about sending a headshot. Do you always send a 8" x 11" or do you send postcards? Again, Thank for all your information and your advice has been indispensible.

My reply:

I would send them hard copy of your material of your headshot.

You could send it now, and include a short note and if you have the person's name you could write we recetly spoke and I wanted to mail you the hard copy of my material for film and (whatever your spoke about...refresh their mind.)

Don't say why you didn't get back to me, just send the material with a note, maybe mention a job you recently did, to show them you are busy and doing things.

If you do not know the person's name, you can just mail the agency address directly the headshot (8 by 10) is best, with the short note.

Remember at the end of the day you are your best agent, working with an agency, getting representation doesn't mean you are set, it just means you have a person,(agent), a marketing tool that can assist you with your pursuits. Your own hustling should not end.

I would always send a headshot, but if you only have postcards you can send them too. Usually you send the post card to get the interest, and then if you do get it, you then mail a full headhot 8 by 10.

Even with the fast pace technology world we live in, we still need to have our proper marketing materials printed headshot, compcard, etc handy.

I hope this helps,

isobella jade

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