Tuesday, March 11, 2008

The Real Shoe Modeling Job: NOT The Pretty Girls With Pretty Feet Wanted -- $100+ per hr Jobs

With the Internet comes scams...but when it comes to shoe modeling and using your feet to model, - which is a great thing for petite models......Don't fall for this foot fetish shit. There are so many weirdos out there. If you really want to shoe model or use your feet to model then get some nice commercial looking photos of your feet, look at ads for nail care or shoe ad campaigns..like for Jimmy Choo, and get some ideas. Don't waste your time with jobs that wont bring you forward...unless your goal is to be the most sought after foot fetish model? Yuck!

If you want to make money with your feet you can make $1000 dollars for a few hours of your time, if you feet look nice. Don't waste your time will things that wont get your ahead as a model. Skip the crap. Focus on where there is print work waiting for you.
isobella jade

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