Monday, March 31, 2008

Being picky about your Photo shoots and modeling jobs

While freelancing as a model and growing your modeling resume, or entering the modeling business, or creating your own portfolio and comp card you should always be thinking about bigger goals. What it is you want as a model, and what type of modeling jobs are realistic for you to get. If you are petite, then don’t try to be a fashion model, try to focus on being a commercial print model and including producst and ad like appeal into your shoots….

But also you should always consider not just "when will the modeling jobs start coming!?" But..."how will this modeling job get me into bigger agencies and lead me to more work". You don’t want to be so desperate for a modeling job that you end up doing something that really doesn’t get your ahead.

So maybe you want to model jeans, or shoes, well start with the aspiring brands, start reading about shoe designer, start googling names of brands you like, could be a aspiring shoe company and try to get in touch with them….think big. Don’t settle.

Many models and aspiring models forget to consider that some modeling jobs can even hurt you. Think about gaining a modeling job or even modeling contest, which might sound nice...but then will that experience lead to more. How can you carry yourself to the next job and not be categorized under one image. Which is why I figure it is best to NOT enter a million internet modeling contests and to not only be one type of model, doing basically the same type of work ALL the time. I think it is best to have diversity, to have a longer pursuit of modeling you will have to show your diversity…in your photos…but also in your credits.

Be picky about what you choose to do, who you choose to work with and whether it is an agent or photographer, or an electronically done casting. ALWAYS try to fit in there the question of: how will this get me more.

You can be picky about your modeling work and you should be!

Working one amazing job for an ad campaign a year, is better vs. booking a lot of crappy jobs that get you no where.

You should take it into your hands. Listen to your agents, and people you trust, but have your own opinions and you should listen to your gut!

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