Friday, April 29, 2011

Models in these ads and editorials in Vogue were Walking This Way

Hey Girls,

While flipping through the May issue of Vogue I noticed models in these ads and editorials were Walking This Way, hence my Walk This Way modeling photo contest going on right now. Here are the details to submit and some images below to be inspired:

Submit to win a signed copy of Short Stuff: on the job with an x-small model and be featured on this blog.

To submit to the contest email me a photo/s of yourself in motion, on the go, as if it's for an ad for a lifestyle product (please send low res 72 dpi photo/s) to

Deadline: Tuesday, May 3rd! at 6 PM!

Even if you are not giraffe tall in print modeling being able to show some personality and movement while you model is a good thing. ~Isobella

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petit model said...

Great post!! I think Modeling isn’t just Playboy magazine or Vogue, it is shoe modeling, hair modeling, hand modeling, and to start self marketing yourself as a model you should know your strengths and accept what you are and aren’t.

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