Thursday, April 7, 2011

Celebrate your petite'ness!

Hey Girls,

I notice how some petite fashion and petite advocating website's complain about the lifestyle of a petite. I just don't see it that way.

I love being petite, so I will have to work a little harder, know myself a little better, cheat the camera angle to get length some times, but I would not want to be an inch taller. That doesn't mean I am going to B*tch about it, it means to celebrate the goods that you've got! :) Shortie, shrimp, peanut, bring it, I'm lovin' it!

This is what is quoted inside my book Short Stuff: on the job with an x-small model:

Whenever I shoot I inhale, stretch my torso and arch my back to get a few more inches. I lift my chin slightly; I stretch my legs and keep some space between my body and my arms to create length. I point my toes, watch my posture and stay aware of my proportions – I put it all to use to prove that I am just as good as any of those tall lanky giraffe models.~ from "Short Stuff: on the job with an x-small model" in Barnes and Noble and, also I am holding a contest right now to win a copy here.


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The Diamond Agency said...

Being petite in nature is like establishing yourself in a niche market. Being that there is so much emphasis on models being tall and skinny, no questions asked, it's really great to see you doing so well. Keep it up!

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