Thursday, December 10, 2009

4 things that count as a model

Modeling is a build, it is a process. It is not an overnight success. The more your give the more you get, and also here are some things that count:

1. What are your assets? Do you know what is marketable about you? Could you picture yourself in an ad or editorial in a magazine? What type of product could you model realistically? What type of magazine editorial realistically? What would an agency would think of your photos you send them, and again what types of jobs come to mind that you could do when you look in the mirror and show your personality? If you do not know, then you should think about this stuff before you pursue modeling.

2. Being available, it can mean getting a modeling job or not. Agencies want to know you are available for castings and bookings. Agencies will give you castnigs a week before, a few days before or on the day of.

3. Being prepared. Having your compcard, portfolio, yes, even in this digital age counts. At a casting you MUST leave a compcard and if you don't have these tools you might as well not even show up to the casting. Saying "go to my website" doesn't play out with professional modeling jobs. Also to get a modeling agency interested in working with you, you should mail your compcard through the postal mail. Then if the agency is interested they will ask you to meet them, or send them more compcards, which they will market to their clients, the agency might also ask you to email jpegs of more photos. HOWEVER, it is suggested to mail by postal mail your compcard or photos for the very first submission. Don't be a lazy model and think electronic submissions are best, they are not. We might live in a digital-age, internet-age but mailing your compcard in postal mail is best still for professional agencies.

4. Keep the spirit. Just because an agency wants to work with you doesn't mean all is perfect and done. No way! Most shorter girls will NOT get an exclusive contract and many print modeling agencies freelance or work non-exclusive with their models... working non-exclusive with an agency is a good start for aspiring non-fashion models, but it doesn't not mean the phone will ring every 5 minutes- you must keep working to improve your photos, and portfolio, and strive to gain more opportunities to build your portfolio. Having 'someone to work with' doesn't mean all is done and set. It isn't just about "Who you are with" but also about "what you have done" --- It isn't just about 'the contract' it is about "the right thing for you" and if you ARE getting work as a model with that agency. Focus on getting professional experience as a model. The more experience modeling for 'something' you have the better, and the more you can get. Keeping your positive spirit, energy and drive is a major part of getting opportunities.

MODELING is ALOT OF work, it is not easy, there is no short-cut, and many girls give up. Be realistic and ambitious and get more of what you want.

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