Thursday, November 11, 2010

Podcast segment Building Modeling Experience in a Small Town

This weeks segment of Model Talk Radio is based on modeling in a smaller city, inspired by my readers and listeners who live in smaller cities and towns. Here is the scoop on the segment:

3:30 PM EST

Model, author Isobella Jade shares the getting started in print modeling basics in a smaller town. This segment is inspired by a recent Facebook message she received from a girl who lives in a smaller city and wants to start in print modeling but didn't know how to start. Isobella shaers how a girl can build her modeling experience in a smaller city and anywhere she lives, which can lead to working with agencies, brands and magazines.

Tune in here at 3:30 PM EST or listen to the archive anytime (it is also on iTunes as well).

Building Modeling Experience in a Small Town

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