Sunday, August 9, 2009

Finding a photographer in the New York area

A girl recently asked me in a comment here on my blog:
I've been looking at photographers in the New York area, but the problem is that they are quite expensive and honestly, I can't afford them. So my question is this:
Can you please recommend a few photographers who are reasonably priced, and with whom a first timer can feel comfortable with during the shoot.

My reply:

The Photography an aspiring model chooses is very important. And it might be an investment because honestly with photography "you get what you pay for" usually.
If you have even $100 I think you could get a decent starter headshot. And a few commercial print shots. You mainly need a great looking face shot and full body shot and a couple other shots that “look like ads.”

Also keep in mind: A model has to make her own compcards and get her photos together. So expect an investment. Not a huge, huge investment but there will be photography and marketing material you will need to buy to start modeling. Like a painter needs his brush, you need your photography and compcards,etc.

The key to getting good photos is “knowing” what photography you need to present yourself best. Here are some posts on the photos a girl needs to start modeling and you will find that it is not a “whole” portfolio of images with 100 different looks, it is basic, simple, and the shots that will get you in the door at a print agency are about your personality, and traits beyond height. A student at SVA could shoot it for you.

So really to get the shots you need and to market yourself in a great way to agencies you DO need to know yourself. Know your assets, know what you would be good for modeling and craft your photos around these.

A photographer who does photography full time.
A photographer who knows the craft of photography, lighting,etc.
A photographer who has headshot packages and model photography packages.

Of course a photography student or a person who is studying photography would do as well for those on a budget. But if you focus on getting a good headshot and a few lifestyle commercial print friendly shots, and make a compcard it can be a good starter card to mail to agencies. Don't use the Internet to mingle with photographers and do not show off your images on the web -that is not modeling and you will not meet professionals this way. It is best to sticking to be professional. No matter your budget.

I hope this helps and the links:
Overcoming finding a photographer drama:

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This is a radio segment I did called 5 things to ask the photographer before you shoot here:


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